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Reducing Tooth Decay & Gum Disease and Sugar Control with Videos (for Patients)

When sugar is taken into the mouth, in the presence of the right type of bacteria around the teeth, acid forms in thirty seconds and lasts for about thirty minutes. The right type of bacteria is developed by eating sugar. Continue reading

Stuart's Recent International Dental Lectures, Presentations and Courses,

Anatomy Course - University of Bristol (UK)

May 22-24 2015

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Everyday Clinical Occlusion Course
Dec. 2015

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Applied Anatomy Dissection - Oregon USA 2013

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Practical Surgery, Implantology and Applied Anatomy Dissection - Tennessee (USA) - 26-28 October 2012

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Practice Managment Documents

Prepared by Stuart's and his lifelong experiences in Worldwide Dental Teachings

Tatum Implant Year Course>

. The Tatum Insitute Presents Presents The 17th Year of an intensive one year training programme in ... Read More >

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Driving round Spa Motoracing Circuit>

Driving round Spa Grand Prix Circuit in my Crossle racing car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8j7MaCeong Read More >

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