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His Professional and Personal Profile

Stuart has conducted intensive practical courses in the UK and continues to Lecture and provide Courses in the UK and around the world on the following fields of study:

  • Occlusion
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Implantology
  • Endodontics
  • Complete Dentures
  • Electrosurgery
  • Diagnostics and Treatment Planning
  • Quality Dentistry
  • Treatment of Headaches and Temporomandibular Joint Problems

Stuart Orton-Jones, however, is much more than just a renowned dentist and international lecturer,  but also a man with a desire to enjoy what life has to offer in the most enthusiastic of ways…

He is a philosopher, whose passions include:

Gourmet Food

Gourmet Food





This is me with Arthur Enjoying Listening to Classical Music



Horse Riding

Horse Riding

I used to do Horse Riding but now it’s far too dangerous at my age.

high speed circuit driving

High speed circuit driving

I noways enjoy high speed circuit driving in my Crosle car at Brands Hatch, Silverstone, etc. etc…


“The problem with London is the tourists. They cause the congestion. If we could just stop the tourism, we could stop the congestion.” The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gaffe 2010.

Lover of Animals

Lover of Animals

My Spirited and Trusted Steed , Arthur.

My Horse

Lover of Animals

My Horse

Stuart Orton-Jones – His Goals and Reasons for Teaching Dentistry around the World

Stuart Orton-Jones has the fervent desire to share his knowledge about the world of dentistry to as many professionals around the world as possible. His love for travel goes hand in hand with his goal to impart knowledge to professionals from all over the world. After being a participant himself on numerous conferences and courses worldwide, he saw the need for more detailed and hands-on courses. This would provide more benefits to those who are interested in learning more about highly-specialized dentistry topics.

Stuart Orton-Jones cites the following as his other reasons for his desire to teach dentistry:

A Sense of Destiny – Stuart Orton-Jones believes that it is his destiny to impart, to the best of his ability, his knowledge gained from many generous people over the years, to as many interested people as possible. This is also the reason why he has travelled all over the world giving courses and lectures –often without any fees or charges.

 Ambition for Dentistry – Stuart Orton-Jones has these goals for dentistry: To be able to provide painless procedures and to remove as few teeth as possible. These goals are what motivate him to pursue modern innovations that can provide painless treatments, with the goal of saving affected teeth in any way possible.

Personal Growth – When Stuart Orton-Jones left Cheltenham College aged 18 he felt that he had not taken the best advantage of the opportunities presented to him. As a result he took advantage of the many activities available to students at Guy’s Hospital Dental School in London where he obtained his dental degree.

Stuart Orton-Jones – The Institute

The Institute

Based on Northamptonshire, England, the Stuart Orton-Jones Institute is managed and run by Stuart Orton-Jones, along with a team of dedicated dental professionals, who come from a variety of professional backgrounds. The Institute’s main goal is to impart participants with the skills needed to efficiently treat their own patients. The courses put a lot of emphasis on practical exercises, providing the participants with the chance to experience hands-on training rather than lectures. Because, after all – lectures alone cannot be used to treat patients in real life situations!


Stuart Orton-Jones is a Christian atheist; he does not believe in God, but believes in the Christian principles – an ideology evident in his desire to share his knowledge to as many of his fellow dental professionals as possible.

“If my worst enemy fell over in front of me and hurt themselves I would help them. There may be just one or two exceptions.” – Stuart Orton-Jones

About Stuart’s Applied Anatomy Course

Medical Education & Research Institute
University of Bristol

“I was stimulated to devise my Applied Anatomy Course after becoming frustrated by several anatomy courses I attended in Europe and the United States. Too much time was spent on irrelevant information and irrelevant dissection of structures I was not interested in. I therefore went to the Bristol Dissection Department and dissected what I wanted to see and did oral surgery implant procedures that I wanted to do. I then devised this course and conducted it in the United Kingdom and in the United States. The response from participants has been amazing.” – Stuart Orton-Jones

Stuart Orton-Jones – What Participants on his courses have to say about them

These comments are from the people whose professional lives have been touched and enriched by Stuart Orton-Jones:

The Stuart Orton-Jones Anatomy course is the most practical, useful and appropriate course for all dentists practising or embarking on the field of surgical dentistry. Working on fresh cadavers is really just like performing surgery on a live patient – it’s that realistic.

This is a fantastic hands-on dissection course using fresh cadavers in an excellent facility. A must for people doing implants.

The Practical Surgery, Implantology and Applied Anatomy Dissection Course was one of the best organised and most thorough that I have ever taken.

Everything is directly applicable. The value of this course is immeasurable 

This is a unique course where surgical skills can be practiced and enhanced without risk and is of great benefit to novices and experts alike. It has given me the confidence to exceed and succeed in my professional career.

You are a genius, what more can I say.

When I was a student professors (‘high chins’ as I call them) concentrated too much on didactics. If only we had someone like you to teach us what really matters.

You are the first true innovator in Dental Teaching that I know of and am proud to be in your contact book.

Yours presentations are excellent.

The Stuart Orton-Jones courses are the most practical, useful and appropriate course for all dentists.

The best organised and most thorough that I have ever taken. Everything is directly applicable. The value of this course is immeasurable.

These are fantastic hands-on courses.

Stuart is an original thinker, an obstinate pursuer of his cause and an unusually creative person. Stuart is a one off and a valuable member of society. “

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