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About The Teaching Centre in Northamptonshire

The Stuart Orton-Jones Institute

The dentist teaching centre was based in Northamptonshire, England, and was run by Dr Stuart Orton-Jones and a team dental professionals from various professional backgrounds.

The main objective of the dental Institute was to help participants learn the skills required to treat their own patients. The teaching methods involved lectures followed by practical exercises using animal jaws and specially designed models that fit into mannequins in dental chairs.

All courses were essentially hands-on and practical. The teaching centre was equipped with a state of the art projection and sound systems enhanced with automated dual screen. All surgical procedures could be digitally recorded and observed in the lecture room with the aid of strategically place cameras, one over the patient and one capturing the entire surgery. A communication network enabled direct links with the operator and participants throughout surgical procedures. The dental teaching Centre was fully equipped for Implant and Restorative Procedures.

Dining and Entertainment

Lunches were prepared in house by enthusiastic members of the team, who have had an extensive experience within the catering arena and also a “love of food, which is one of the main ingredients of any dish.” Stuart Orton-Jones also had an input due to his love of food, organising dinner parties and the experience gained on a number of cookery courses, such as “Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons” and “Rick Stein’s Cookery Class”. The evening meals varied in menu and location, normally at the institute or at a local restaurant. Saturday evenings were when a sumptuous gourmet meal is provided. All participants were cordially requested to attend all evening meals especially the Saturday evenings as this provided an additional bonding and an unwinding period after a long session at the teaching centre. Please note all tastes and diets were catered for.