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Dental Occlusion – Free Online Training Courses for Dentists and Dental Students

Are you interested to enhance in increasing your knowledge about dental occlusion?

Occlusion in Dentistry

Take this opportunity for learning advancement Dental Occlusion, with the free online dental training material offered by Dr Stuart Orton-Jones.

These dental occlusion training presentations – among numerous other dentistry-related topics – have been taught by Stuart for more than 40 years to dentists around the world. Now, you can access the information that you need on occlusion from anywhere without being hampered by time or location.

These online lecture materials are available for dentists and dental students to download and can be used as you wish. In addition, they can also help make the conditions and procedures easier to explain to patients while in the treatment planning stage.

Understandable Occlusion – 03 Impression Taking


About Dental Occlusion and How it Could Help Improve Your Dentistry to Patients

Occlusion is defined as the relationship between the maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower) teeth when they approach each other, as occurs during chewing or at rest.the relationship of the lower and upper jaw when in contact with each other. Normal occlusion allows the oral cavity teeth to function properly for overall enhanced dental health. In addition, normal occlusion is the goal as it prevents oral health problems Headaches and Jaw Joint Problems and helps with maintaining the desirable aesthetics of the smile.

Further knowledge about occlusion will be beneficial when it comes to treating headaches and TMJ problems. At the same time, the information that you will get from Stuart’s lectures on dental occlusion will aid in more efficient diagnoses – especially when performing crown and bridgework in relation to oral cavity health and aesthetic improvements.

The skills and know-how will further empower you to detect any occlusion abnormalities in a proficient and timely manner. As a result, you will be able to proceed with planning the course of treatment to improve the conditions that can affect oral functions as well as the appearance of the smile.

Occlusion – Hinge Interferences


What are the Symptoms of an Occlusive Problem?

What Causes Occlusion Problems?

  • Occlusal Interferences in Centric Relation
  • Non-functional Interferences in Lateral Movements

How to Prevent Occlusion Issues in Your Patients

  • Removing Occlusal Interferences
  • Wearing of Occlusal Appliances

Why is Dental Occlusion an Essential Part of Your Dental Learning and Development?

The study of patients’ occlusions is an essential part of a complete patient examination along with a soft tissue examination, a jaw joint examination, and an examination of the patient’s teeth

Any occlusal interferences need to be removed before crown and bridgework procedures

Many patients with headaches and jaw joint problems can benefit from an Occlusal Evaluation and correction

Some patients require Occlusal Appliances initially until their symptoms are reduced

The Occlusion course slides can be viewed online and are available for downloading, so you can use the knowledge to improve your skills and provide better care for your patients. These teaching materials for dentists have been gathered throughout more than four decades of practical experience to deliver valuable information to dentists and dental students from any part of the world.

Dental Occlusion Courses Online

If you are looking for online Occlusion dental course presentations, you can find them all here.

The occlusion topics include:

  • Understandable Occlusion
  • Introduction and Terminology
  • Impression Taking
  • Suction versus Spittoons
  • Model Preparation
  • Facebow Registration
  • Upper Model Mounting
  • Hinge Position Record Taking
  • Lower Model Mounting
  • New Patient Examination
  • Artex Articulators
  • Clinical Applications of Occlusion
  • The Guidance of the Mandible
  • Excursive Movements
  • Principles of Occlusion
  • Record Taking for Crown and Bridgework
  • Anterior Guide Tables
  • Occlusion and Implantology
  • The Role of Occlusion
  • Articulators and Model Mounting
  • Articulators
  • Artex Articulators
  • Hinge Record Taking

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