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Here you will find a list of dental implantology online training programmes, with links to both view images and download implantology course slides. The download link  will redirect you to dropbox for you to be able to download the powerpoint version of this training course. (You do not need dropbox installed).

All our dental implantology training material for dentists and dental students have been created by Dr Stuart Orton-jones and are free to use and download with the aim of helping your dentistry, wherever you are in the world.

Introduction to Dental Implantology (01)

01 Overview of Implantology

02 Scope and History

03 New Patient Examinations

04 SOJ Clinical Cases

05 Panoramic X-rays

06 Treatment Planning

07 Orthodontics

08 Patient Consultations

09 Painless Local Anaesthesia

10 Temporization in Implantology

11 Tooth Removal and Placements

12 Tatum System

13 The Tatum Kits

14 Vision

15 Solving Problems the Protocols don’t solve

16 What is Beauty

17 Consent Forms

02 Surgical Techniques Including Suturing

01 Surgical Techniques Including Suturing

03 Asepsis

01 Asepsis

04 Soft Tissue Management

01 Soft Tissue Management

05 Bone Grafting

01 An Introduction to Bone Grafting

02 How to fit a Scalpel Blade

03 Using a Boley Gauge

04 Malleting

05 2cc Syringe Preparation

06 Dealing with Incisal Canals 

07 Treatment of the Deficient Upper Anterior Ridge

08 Symphyseal Block Graft

09 Symphyseal Block Grafts Pig

10 Block Grafting Case

11 Ramus Grafting

11 Ramus Grafting Pig

12 Irradiated Bone

13 Irradiated Bone Block Grafting 1

14 Irradiated Bone Block Grafting 2

15 Upper Anterior Tunnel Graft 

16 Upper Tunnel Graft Practical

17 Lower Tunnel Graft Good Ridge Height Practical

18 Lower Free-end Posterior Tunnel Grafting

19 Lower Bounded Posterior Tunnel Grafting

20 Dealing with Exposed Bone

21 Thin Ridge Preparation for Bone Expansion

22 Distraction Osteogenesis

23 Bone Graft Complications

06a Sinus Grafting Main Presentations

01 Sinus Graft Introduction

02 Sinus Grafting Items Required

03 Sinus Consultation and Consents

04 Sinus Grafting Clinical

05 Initial Incision and Flap Raising

06 Window Separation

07 Sinus Buttresses

08 Egg Lining Elevation

09 Sinus Lining Elevation

10 Dealing with Sinus Lining Tears

11 Aborting the Procedure and Re-entry Later

12 Sinus Tear Repair

13 2cc Syringe Preparation

14 Graft Placement

15a Sinus Continuous Locking Suture  Part 1

15b Sinus Continuous Locking Suture  Part 2

16 Sinus Grafting Suturing Exercise 

17 Medication for Dentistry

18 Ear Nose and Throat Lecture

06b Sinus Grafting Complications

01 Sinus Grafting Complications

02 Treatment of Sinus Grafting Complications

03 Marsupialization

04 Closure of a Possible Oro-antral Fistula

05 Buccal Fat Pad Closure of an Oro-antral Fistula

07 Nerve Repositioning

01 Introduction to Nerve Repositioning

02 Nerve Repositioning Lateral

03 Nerve Repositioning With Implant Placement

04 Nerve Repositioning And Bone Grafting

05 Nerve Repositioning And Osteotomy and Segmental

06 Nerve Repositioning And Sagittal Osteotomy

07 Nerve Repositioning Combined

08 Clinical Case

08 Ridge Repositioning

01 Ridge Repositioning Examples

02 Planning

03 Materials and Equipment

04 Incision Making and Flap Reflection

05 Malleting

06 Vertical Sectioning

07 Horizontal Sectioning

08 Palatal Releasing

09 Stabilization

10 Flap Closure

11 Implant Repositioning

12 Distraction Osteogenesis