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09 Implant Placement

01 Introduction to Bone Compaction and Expansion

02 Tatum Bone Expansion Instruments

03 Bone Expansion, Compaction and Drilling versus Drilling Only  

03a Raising a Minimal Flap

04 How to Fit a Scalpel Blade

04a Initial Ridge Expansion Without Raising a Flap

05 Using a Boley Gauge 

06 Bone Expansion and Compaction

07 Tapered Placement

08 Screw Placement with Expansion

09 Ridge Compaction 

10 Expansion and Drilling NO Reduction

11 Ridge Expansion 

12 Malleting

13 Expansion and Drilling with Ridge Reduction

14 Broken Blade Removal

15 Screw Placement Drilling Only

16 Slow Drilling

17 A Combination Approach using Expansion  Instruments and Versah Burs

18 Raising Sinus and Nasal Cortical Plates for Screw Implant Placement 

19 Dealing with a Broken Buccal Plate

20 Expanding a Labial Depression

21 Site Preparation Options

22 An O Ring Overdenture Case

23 Thin Ridge Preparation for Bone Expansion

24 Implant Placement Part 1

25 Implant placement Part 2

26 Amos

27 Lorenzen Fin Placement

28 Michel Upper

29 Michel Lower

30 Bergwerk

D Fin Placement

Fin Nasal Lift

Tatum Analogue System

Tatum System

The Tatum Kits

10 Narrow Diameter Implants

Mini Implants Combined

Zest LODI Narrow Implants

Locator and O-Rings Steve Johns

11 Blades & Subperiosteal Implants


Pig Blade – NEW

Custom Blades

Ramus Blades

Ramus Blade Pig

Ramus Frames

Subperiosteal Implants

12 Restorative Procedures

O Ring Overdenture

Post Placement Intro

Sulcus Formers

Tatum Analogue System

Tatum Post Preparation

Post Placement Clinical 1

Post Placement Clinical 2

Post Placement Clinical 3

Crown Contour

Bar Overdenture

Removal of a Loose Post

Locked Healing Screw Removal

R1 Restorative Introduction

R2 Full Crown Preparation

R3 Aesthetic Crown Preparation

R4 Inlay Preparation

R5 Temporary Crowns

R6 Die Trimming

R8 Vision

R9 A Porcelain Veneer Case

13 Treatment Planning

Panoral Exercise

Anterior Maxilla Part 1

Anterior Maxilla Part 2

Posterior Maxilla

Anterior Mandible

Posterior Mandible

Completely Edentulous Cases

14 Complication in Implantology

Introduction to Implant Complications

Complications during Oral Surgery

Causes of Implant Failure

Bone Graft Complications

Complications During Implant Placement

Complication during Ridge Expansion

Immediate Postoperative Complications

Between Placement and Restoration

Complications at the Restorative Stage

Late Restorative Complications

Treatment of Implant Complications

Removal of Implants

Removal of a Loose Post

Locked Healing Screw Removal



Dry Socket Treatment


Pacifying Implants

Anaphylactic Shock – NEW

Implant Stationary

Patient Folders Sheets


Consent Forms


Surgical Team


Hand Care and Washing


Surgical Instrument Set-ups