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Postoperative Instructions

Postoperative Instructions International Dental Teachings UK, USA, Canada & India

Instructions are given to patients who have undergone surgery. These instructions are designed to be followed days after the surgical procedure, to hasten the healing period. Helpful information and presentations such as this one have been given by Stuart Orton-Jones in his dental education courses abroad, in locations such as USA, UK, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Australia, Egypt, France, Germany, Kuwait, Malaysia, and Oman.

Postoperative Care to help healing.

For the next Few Days after Surgery.

1. Alcohol.    Avoid alcohol for 2 weeks as this can affect the healing of the tissues.

2.  Smoking.  Avoid smoking for 3 days before treatment and 2 weeks after.

Smoking slows down the healing process.

3.  Avoid Very Hot Food and Drinks and spicy and acidic foods.

4   Avoid Hard Crusty Foods.

5.  A surgical dressing may be placed around the incision after surgery.  This should remain in place for one to two weeks.

6.  Avoid Vigorously Brushing this area Clean gently.

7. Do not use  play with the area with your tongue,

 8. If you have had a sinus graft procedure, or upper posterior implants placed,

a)  Please avoid blowing your nose for approximately 2 weeks after surgery.

This will help prevent infection.

b)  Please try and sneeze through your mouth and not through your nose.

c)   Please avoid swimming for 2 weeks after surgery

First and Second Week.

1. Rinse with Chlorhexidine ( Corsodyl ) twice a day.

2. Take  antibiotics and pain relieving pills as prescribed.

Finish the course of antibiotics.

If you have a reaction to the medication, please telephone.

4. Avoid brushing the area.

5. Maintain a soft, high protein diet.

6. Avoid excessive physical exertion (i.e. sports, heavy lifting etc.).

Third Week Lightly  brush the area.

Fourth Week. Resume normal cleaning.

It is very important that you maintain your oral hygiene and home care at a high standard and that you attend for regular check-up appointments.

I have been given the opportunity to ask questions about my treatment and understand the post-operative instructions.

 If anything concerns you at any time contact your dentist immediately.

If you are not able to contact your Dentist,

contact  Stuart Orton-Jones.

 I have read this, have understood it and have a copy to take home.

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