Practical Surgery, Implantology and Applied Anatomy Dissection Course on Fresh Cadavers for Dentists

A Highly Practical Course that deals with the Anatomy that matters to Everyday Dentistry and Implantology For Beginners and Experienced Practitioners

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Applied Anatomy Dissection 2017

About this Course

This is a course that offers an opportunity to perform procedures on fresh cadavers, just like the real thing. No formalin smell or stiff tissue as with preserved cadavers but instead dissection of soft tissues that can be retracted and dissected revealing some of the structures that you normally do not wish to see but know are there, somewhere.

This is not a course run by anatomists where you spend unnecessary time dissecting out fascial planes and structures that are irrelevant to everyday dentistry. Everything is relevant to everyday dentistry.


International Dentists Welcome

World MapParticipants attend this course from many countries including: UK & other European countries, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan and USA. Speak to us so that we can help you make the most of your visit and stay in the UK. If you need help with your booking, hotel or any other arrangements, do get in touch.

Participants have attended this course from: Canada, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia,  UAE, UK and USA.

Stuart Orton-Jones

Stuart Orton JonesStuart Orton-Jones possesses vast and comprehensive knowledge on the world of dentistry, having attended (both as a participant and as a lecturer) numerous conferences and courses in several countries in the world including North America, Europe the Near East and the Far East. He is a member of the following organizations: The Association of Dental Implantologists (ADI) UK, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), and the Alabama Implant Study Group.

Stuart Orton-Jones, however, is much more than just a renowned dentist and international lecturer, but also a man with a desire to enjoy what life has to offer in the most enthusiastic of ways

Stuart has conducted intensive practical courses in the UK and continues to Lecture and provide Courses in the UK and around the world on the following fields of study:

  • Occlusion
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Implantology
  • Endodontics
  • Complete Dentures
  • Electrosurgery
  • Diagnostics and Treatment Planning
  • Quality Dentistry
  • Treatment of Headaches and Temporomandibular Joint Problems

Main Focus

  • Fresh Cadavers
  • Mainly Practical Hands-on
  • Lectures designed to lead you through each procedure, Limited Attendance


  • To develop confidence in oral surgical procedures
  • To dissect those anatomical structures of the head relevant to general dentistry, oral surgery and Implantology.
  • Perform many clinical procedures


To view the course Presentations
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Powerpoint Presentations

Procedures to be Performed

Procedures to be Performed

  • 1. Local Anaesthesia
  • 2. Minor Oral Surgery
  • 3. Incisions and Flap Raising
  • 4. Bone Grafting
  • 5. Block Grafting
  • 6. Sinus Grafting
  • 7. Ridge Repositioning
  • 8. Nerve Repositioning
  • 9. Implant Placement
  • 10. Ridge Expansion
Structures to be Studied

Structures to be Studied

The Mandible
The Mental Nerve, the course of the Inferior Dental Bundle, the Lingual Nerve, the Facial Artery, the Anatomy of the Mandible including the Mylohyoid Fossa and Symphyseal Region

The Maxilla

The Infra-orbital Foramen and Bundle, the Maxillary Sinus, the Piriform Fossa and Floor of the Nose, the Incisal Bundle and Canal, and the course of the Greater Palatine Bundle.

The Practical Sessions

The Practical Sessions

  • 1. Mental Bundle Exposure
  • 2. Symphysial Block Grafting
  • 3. Lingual Nerve Exposure
  • 4. Exposure of the Facial Artery
  • 5. Ramus Block Grafting
  • 6. Exposure of the Inferior Dental Bundle
  • 7. Infra-orbital Bundle Exposure
  • 8. Maxillary Sinus Grafting
  • 9. Piriform Fossa and Nasal Lining Elevation
  • 10. Incisal Canal Probing Incisal Bundle Exposure
  • 11. Greater Palatine Block Injection Palatal Nerve and Greater Palatine Foramen Exposure
Also Included

Also Included:

  • Suturing Techniques including Suturing
  • Implant Placement
  • Mini Implant Placement
  • Ridge Repositioning
  • Block Grafting
  • Buccal Fat Pad Closure of Oro-antral Fistulae
  • Basic Guide to Facial Aesthetics Piezo Surgery

Comments by Previous Participants

The Stuart Orton-Jones Anatomy course is the most practical, useful and appropriate course for all dentists practising or embarking on the field of surgical dentistry. Working on fresh cadavers is really just like performing surgery on a live patient – it’s that realistic
The Practical Surgery, Implantology and Applied Anatomy Dissection Course is one of the best organised and most thorough that I have ever taken. Everything is directly applicable. The value of this course is immeasurable
This is a unique course where surgical skills can be practiced and enhanced without risk and is of great benefit to novices and experts alike. It has given me the confidence to exceed and succeed in my professional career.
This is a fantastic hands-on dissection course using fresh cadavers in an excellent facility. A must for people doing implants.
You are a genius, what more can I say.
When I was a student professors concentrated too much on didactics. If only we had someone like you to teach us what really matters.
You are the first true innovator in Dental Teaching that I know of and am proud to be in your contact book.
Your presentations are excellent.
The Stuart Orton-Jones courses are the most practical, useful and appropriate course for all dentists.
The best organized and most thorough that I have ever taken. Everything is directly applicable. The value of this course is immeasurable.
These are fantastic hands-on courses.

Book Your Place Now – Here or Call +44 (0)1604 832399

Book Early to Guarantee Your Place. Participant Spaces Limited to 24.

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The Venue

Is a newly built anatomy dissection facility at:University of Bristol, Department of Anatomy, School of Veterinary Science, Southwell St.,Bristol, BS2 8EJ, UK

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The Course Fee

Includes All Meals during the course and Dinners on Friday and Saturday evening.

£2,395.00. No VAT Payable.

This includes the use of this newly built anatomy dissection facility, instrumentation and motors gowns and gloves

Deposit £500 to secure a place.
Final Payment to be made by March 15th 2019
Refunds will only be made up to March 15th 2019.

Please contact us via the website form, by phone on +44 (0)1604832399 or by email ( with your details and we will email you our Bank Account No. and Sort Code for Direct Bank Transfer Payments.


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Holiday Inn city centre Bristol BS1 3LE

Holiday Inn
Telephone (Holiday Inn) +44(0)1179245000 Ext. 3
Ask for Katie giving Ref. (Stuart Orton-Jones) to book your room

We have reserved rooms at a special rate:

£110 Single occupancy per night Friday / Saturday. Including Breakfast.
£120 Double or Twin Occupancy per night. Including Breakfast.

The rooms are reserved at this rate until May 1st

Breakfast A buffet breakfast will be served from 7am

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Friday Afternoon 12.30pm-6.00pm

Pre-dissection Preparation including surgical techniques, suturing, implant placement and ridge expansion, mini implants, the use of Piezo equipment and Facial Aesthetics.

Friday & Saturday Evening Dinners included in the course fee

Saturday 8.00am – 6.00pm:
Dissection Course

Saturday 7.30pm:
Course Dinner (Included in the course fee)
Guests welcome. There will be a charge for guests

Sunday 8.00am – 6.00pm Dissection Course

Download Course Application Booking Form (PDF)

PDF Download

Course Leaflet


Download The Course Leaflet (PDF)

PDF Download