Surgical Techniques & Suturing

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01 Suturing Exercises

01 Surgical Items Required

02 Instrument handling

03 Part 1 Needles and Sutures

04 Part 2 Needles and Sutures

05 RIGHT Suturing with String

06 LEFT Suturing with String

07 Right Real Suture on a Banana

08 Left Real Suture on a Banana

09 Right Flap Suturing

10 Left Flap Suturing

11 Needles and Sutures

12 Incision and Flap Design

02 Types of Sutures Exercises

02a Interrupted Sutures

01 Interrupted Suture Buccal Approach

02 Interrupted Suture Lingual Upper

03 Interrupted Suture Lingual Lower

04 Figure of Eight

02b Mattress Sutures

01 Mattress on Model

02 Vertical Mattress

03 Locking Vertical

04 T 3 X Horizontal Mattress

05 T 3c T Horizontal Mattress

06 Criss-cross Mattress

02c Sling Sutures

01 Single Sling Suture Buccal Approach

02 Single Sling Suture Lingual Approach

03 Continuous Sling Suture

04 Modified Continuous Sling Suture

05 Continuous Sling Suture Buccal & Lingual Approach

02d Continuous Sutures

01 Continuous Suture

02 Continuous Locking Suture

03 Teaching Sinus Continuous Locking

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