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Treatment of Pain around Wisdom Teeth

Treatment of Pain around Wisdom Teeth International Dental Education Lectures UK, USA, Canada & India

Wisdom tooth pain can be excruciating. Stuart Orton-Jones has provided a list of the things needed to treat the pain of wisdom tooth, mostly due to the inflammation around the affected area. Instructions on how to do the use the solution are included. Stuart has been to the following countries for his teachings in dental education: UK, USA, India, Canada, Germany, France, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Australia, Oman, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Egypt.


Hot Salt Mouth Rinsing

Use    For the treatment of pain due to inflammation around

wisdom teeth

Items needed

1                     A drinking mug

2                     Salt

3                     Very hot water

Preparation of the Solution

1                     Place a teaspoon of salt in the mug

2                     Fill with very hot water

3                     Stir to help dissolve the salt

4                     Check with a finger that the temperature is not too hot

The Procedure

1                     Take some of the solution into your mouth

2                     Hold your head over to the side where the problem is

3                     Wait till the solution cools

4                     Spit the solution out

5                     Repeat until all the solution is used up

6                     Repeat  once an hour while awake