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Where Can I Find Dental Implantology Training Courses and Lectures?

Dental Implantology Courses & Training Slides – Free to Use Implant Learning for Dentists

There is a plenty of information on the internet about dental implantology, but much of it is not easily available or accessible.

These free online training courses slides are designed to help dentists and dental students understand more about dental implantology.

online implantology courses

Easy-to-follow Dental Implantology lecture slides for Dentists and Dental Students Worldwide

These Dental implant lecture images and presentations are easily accessible for dentists and dental students from any location in the world.

These resources have been accumulated, spanning more than 40 years of experience by Dr Stuart Orton-Jones.

Stuart Orton-Jones is a lecturer and teacher in many countries and has recently lectured at the AAID American Academy of Implant Dentistry in USA.

Dental Implant course

What Topics are Covered in the Course Presentations?

The dental implantology course presentations are divided into the following topics – all of which can be viewed online and/or downloaded. Subsequently, they are further subdivided into sub-topics.

Implant Course - Stuart Orton-Jones

Are you just starting to place implant or have years of implant surgery experience?

So, whether you are a beginner to Dental Implant learning or an experienced Dental Implant Dentist, we hope that there will be something here for you that will offer you practical skills that are understandable.


Do click on the links below to go straight to a particular dental implant topic:

Who are the Dental Implant lecture materials for?

The implantology images and lecture slides are specifically created to be used by dentists and dental students as they wish.

Sinus procedure implants

Firstly, the information on the training programs can be used for personal and surgical technique development, therefore providing great value for dentists who wish to enrich their skills and knowledge.

Moreover, the dental implantology lecture slides and presentations are created for sharing with your dental colleagues.

Implantology Training Courses

So, How can These Dental Implant Techniques be of Benefit to Your Patients?

The dental implant presentations contain valuable information for dentists, that can improve your patient experience.

You may be able to offer better long-term solutions for tooth loss both in terms of improved surgical techniques and post-operative management.

Once you have looked at the slides and require further guidance, do feel-free to contact Stuart by phone or email and he will be happy to share his knowledge.

Dental Implantology

How do You access the Dental Implantology training and course slides?

For convenience, the dental implantology training slides and images can be viewed for free online. Did you know that that you can also down them? Yes, simply click on the DOWNLOAD links, to download the powerpoint presentations, to use them in your own presentations and lectures.

Similarly, they are free to download, so dentists and dental students can access dental implantology presentations from any country in the world. As a result, they can easily be used for personal and/or professional enhancement purposes without locations or other limitations to restrict access to valuable information.

Dental Implant Surgery

There is no copyright on the dental training material.

Feel free to share the implant presentation slides with other dentists who you think will also benefit from them so that more dentistry professionals can take full advantage of the lecture materials and detailed training procedures.

Dental Implant Procedure

As a Dentist, How can I get More Guidance and Support on These Dental Implantology Training Resources?


So, if you are a dentist and feel that our Implant training material could be of benefit to you and you need some guidance or explanation of the slides, you can contact Stuart directly by email here or visit our contact page to phone or WhatsApp Stuart. Thank you.

If you would like Dr Stuart Orton-Jones to lectures at your Dental Practice or Training Centre, do get in touch.

Implantology Training

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