Practical Surgery, Implantology and Applied Anatomy Dissection Course on Fresh Cadavers for Dentists
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Dental Training and Online Course Presentations for Dentists – Lectures on All Aspects of Dentistry Including Implantology, Occlusion, Restorative Dentistry, Surgical Techniques, Practice Development and much more

Take advantage of these dental training course presentations and resources that have been developed for dentists by Dr Stuart Orton-Jones with over 40 years’ experience

Dr Stuart Orton-Jones conducts comprehensive dental courses and lectures in the UK and around the world and is passionate about sharing his knowledge about the world of dentistry to as many dentists as possible.

Stuart now imparts his expertise in dental education and dentistry lecture material for free so that it will benefit both the dentist and their patients. The training material has been painstakingly prepared to be easy to follow with step-by-step dental training slideshows and downloadable presentations.

Dentists, feel free to share these dental presentations and lecture material with other dentists that you know who are keen on knowledge enrichment on dentistry topics.

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The training courses can be accessed for free from any country, for dentists to use as they wish – to enhance learning and personal development, to share with staff for practice advancement, and to pass on valuable information to patients for improved dental health.

Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to benefit from Dr Stuart Orton-Jones’ desire to share his expertise on dentistry, to promote more enriching learning experiences for dentists from all over the world.

Stuart Orton Jones

Dr Stuart Orton Jones

Sharing (Free to Use & Share) Dental Education & Resources For Dentist Around the World

Stuart shares his dental knowledge by giving dental courses, lectures, and teachings internationally to undergraduates as well as postgraduates (beginner and advanced levels). 

He combines this passion with his thirst for travel and adventure, having provided dental education internationally in countries such as: USA, UK, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Australia, Egypt, France, Germany, Kuwait, Malaysia, and Oman. 

His comprehensive presentations are hailed by dentists as highly relevant to everyday dentistry.

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All of Stuart’s Dentistry Lectures and Presentations are Free to Use and Share as You Wish with No Copyright

My aim is to empower dentists, technicians and their staff to feel confident in whatever they choose to do.

Dentistry Teaching and Training around the World

Experience Stuart's Online Dental Lectures and Course Training Slides - Completely Free to Use and Share

Stuart travels and shares his hands on practical knowledge of dentistry in topics such as Implant Dentistry, Applied Anatomy, Occlusion, Practice Management , Suturing, Asepsis, and much more. 

His unique approach with participants is to involve and invite them to learn via simple yet comprehensive and understandable methods. 

Stuart teaches basic and advanced levels of dentistry. 

See countries that Stuart has taught dentistry in including, UK, USA, India, Dubai, Australia and Canda>

Stuart's Dental Training & Course Videos

Do you or your patient know how to clean their teeth?


Tooth brushing


How to Clean your Teeth




Tissue Pick Up Exercise


Comments From Dentists About Stuart's Dental Teachings and Lectures


Dentist Testimonials & Reviews

I remember a couple years ago saying "I would never do an anterior graft" then I took my first class with you and I heard you say don't say never and just give it a chance. Today I did my 4th anterior graft on a young person with a big smile. I did it with confidence and knowledge not simply guessing. I guess long story short is, thank you for being an amazing mentor and teacher.


Everything you ever wanted to see or do on a dissection course before performing procedures on patients. Anatomy from a dentist’s perspective. Dissecting the way dentists would do not as anatomists would do This course will boost your surgical confidence immediately

Sonia Smithson

Thank you so much doctor. I'm really happy to meet such an amazing man like you. Though I spent not much time with you, I've learned many many many things from you. Not only regarding dentistry but also regarding LIFE and thinking out of the box...

Ahmed El Fyoumie

I have dissected the head and neck seven times. The Stuart Orton-Jones Institute’s is the best so far making crystal clear the anatomy and procedures that I need to know and perform on a daily basis. The great advantage of this course was that egos of the presenter and faculty did not interfere with my learning. All the lectures and practical procedures dealt with exactly what I wanted to learn.

Dr Steven Swallow

Many times 1 have walked away from a multiple day course realizing that all the useful information could have been condensed in to a few hours This course is exactly the opposite Each day is filled with useful information with no wasted time The lecture information was extremely useful. The hands on portion with cadavers was priceless Without doubt this course will be one of the best investments of your time and money on a surgical continuing education that you can make.

Dr Chitwood

...Your dedication and passion towards your work inspired me, it made me push myself more, it gave me a goal to set myself an aim as to how systematically and properly things can be done. You are so particular about every little thing, and your insistence about those is what defines you and your success. Your energy and enthusiasm, unfazed by your age, overwhelms me.That accompanied by that amazing sense of humour – what an irresistible combination!! I just adore you too much !! I loved every bit of the course, the clarity of fundamentals and basics that it gave us which is so required and so neglected, the simple but essential tips on handling a articulator, respecting the models, the actual functioning of occlusion and practical models to actually apply the theory that we learnt. I don’t think I have ever known of any other course, which explains in such detail. ...

Dr Chitwood